Other Agencies and Organizations

If you're a victim of a crime, these organizations and agencies may offer some assistance. Contact them directly for more information.

Online Resources:
Lee Conlee House Domestic Violence Center--Putnam County
Putnam County, Florida Official Web site
Florida Department of Corrections
7th Judicial Circuit of Florida
Florida Attorney General Victim Service
Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Prevention & Victim Services
Women's Law Initiative
The Justice Coalition
General Help:
Lee Conlee House Domestic Violence Center
  • (386) 325-3141
  • (800) 500-1119

Violence Intervention Prevention Program
  • (386)326-3200

Abuse Registry (Elderly and Children)
  • (800) 96-ABUSE

State Attorney's Office Victim Liason
  • (386) 329-0259

Bureau of Victim Services (Tallahassee)
  • (800) 226-6667

Family Court Services (Injunction for Protection)
  • (386) 326-7650

Counseling for Family Violence or Individual Counseling:
Department of State Corrections, Victim Assistance Program
  • (850) 488-9166

Guardian Ad Litem Program (Children)
Putnam Behavioral Mental Health Clinic
  • (386) 325-8178

State Attorney, Putnam County
  • (386) 329-0259

Juvenile Justice System:
State Attorney, Putnam County
  • (386) 329-0259

Florida Department of Children and Families
  • (386) 329-3501