Crescent City Man Arrested and Charged with Burglary and Battery

Dec 1, 2015

Daniel Millard Thirty years old Daniel Lee Millard, from Crescent City, was arrested Monday night (11/30/15) charged with battery of a person 65 years of age or older, burglary of an occupied residence and criminal mischief. Millard is presently being held in the Putnam County Jail in lieu of $4,512.00 bond.

An investigation by Deputy Bradley Waldron determined that earlier in the afternoon Millard and his 21 years old girlfriend had been arguing. In order to separate herself from the argument, the girlfriend returned to her mother’s house (Renee Nelson) also in Crescent City. Sometime later, Millard reportedly arrived at the Nelson’s house and began knocking on the door. When his girlfriend ignored the knocking, Millard reportedly went to the rear of the house and tore the back door off in order to get inside. Once inside the home, Millard reportedly continued the argument with his girlfriend, and in the process, grabbed her cell phone and smashed it on a table. Millard then reportedly left and went back to his house that is also owned by Renee Nelson.

Once Renee Nelson returned home and found out all that had happened between her daughter and Millard, she decided to tell Millard to leave her house that he had been staying in. Accompanied by a friend, 66 years old Max Chizk, also of Crescent City, Nelson and Chizk arrived at Millard’s location and told him to leave. According to all present, Millard packed his belongings, but before leaving, he ran up to Chizk, punched him in the face and pulled Chizk’s shirt over his head. Millard then grabbed his belongings and left the area.

Deputy Waldron located Daniel Millard at another Crescent City residence and took him into custody without incident. Millard was charged with burglary for tearing the door off Renee Nelson’s house and making entry when his girlfriend was inside. He was charged with criminal mischief for smashing his girlfriend’s cell phone, and battery of a person 65 years of age or older for punching Max Chizk.

Interlachen Man Arrested Charged with Child Neglect and Drug Charges

Nov 30, 2015

Matthew Sherman Twenty seven years old Matthew Lee Sherman, of Interlachen, was arrested Friday morning (11/27/15) when deputies found him living in deplorable circumstances in a camper and with his five years old son also inside. Sherman was initially arrested on an outstanding warrant for violation of drug offender probation. He was additionally charged with two counts of possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a harmful legend drug without a prescription and child neglect. He is being held in the Putnam County Jail without benefit of bond.

According to an investigation by Deputy Kacie Reynolds, she, along with Lieutenant Scott Surrency, Deputy Nicholas Vieira and Deputy Kyle Simmons located Sherman living in a camper on his mother’s property in Interlachen. Sherman was placed under arrest without incident. During the arrest, the deputies could see various items of drug paraphernalia in plain view inside the camper. They also found Sherman’s five years old son inside.

Matthew Sherman gave the deputies permission to search the camper, andthey located a box marked “SHERMAN’S TOY BOX” that contained syringes, spoons used for injecting drugs, morphine and drugs that are controlled substances for which Sherman did not have a prescription. They also found an unsafe and uncovered electrical box and the camper infested with small roaches.

Matthew Sherman was transported to the Putnam County Jail without incident and his son was turned over to Sherman’s mother.

Domestic Violence Incident goes "Down the Road"

Nov 30, 2015

Byron Hogan Twenty four years old Byron Charles Hogan, of Satsuma, was arrested Sunday evening (11/29/15) after deputies, responding to a reported disturbance, found him walking down Stuart Avenue, in Interlachen, in his underwear and his head bleeding. Hogan was ultimately charged with domestic violence burglary with battery, criminal mischief, domestic violence child neglect and disorderly intoxication.

Hogan’s encounter with the Sheriff’s Office began when Hogan’s seven years old nephew began knocking on an Interlachen resident’s door, telling the resident that a fight was going on “down the road.” Deputy Darren Riley responded and found Hogan and Matthew Doggett walking down Stuart Avenue with blood on Hogan’s face. Deputy Riley made contact with Kimberly Hogan, Byron’s sister. She reported that Hogan had been at a family gathering in Interlachen, and had been “drinking all day.” Kimberly attempted to drive Hogan and her seven years old son home, and Hogan reportedly became upset with her.

According to Kimberly, Hogan started destroying the interior of the car and she abruptly stopped and ordered Hogan out. At the same time, Kimberly’s son ran from the car to the Stuart Avenue residence trying to get help. According to Kimberly, Hogan first punched her, then got out of the car, came around to the driver’s side and began punching her again. Hogan finally pulled Kimberly from the car and she ran back to the family gathering looking for her son. At that point Matthew Doggett located Hogan still on Stuart Avenue. When Doggett attempted to settle Hogan down, another fight began and Hogan was cut on his head during the fight. This is when Deputy Riley found Hogan and Doggett on Stuart Avenue.

Following his investigation, Deputy Riley placed Hogan under arrest for the domestic violence burglary with battery for entering the driver’s side of the car, punching Kimberly and dragging her from the car. The criminal mischief charge stems from Hogan damaging the inside of the car and the domestic violence child neglect charge is the result of the crimes committed in the presence of Kimberly’s young son. After being medically cleared at Putnam Community Medical Center, Hogan was booked into the Putnam County Jail without benefit of bond.

Interlachen Man Arrested on Domestic Violence Related Charges

Nov 25, 2015

Alex Concepcion Twenty seven years old Alex Alonzo Concepcion, of Interlachen was arrested late Tuesday night (11/24/15) charged with the domestic battery of two ex-girlfriends. In addition, he has been charged with threatening two neighbors with butcher knives, when they tried to interrupt the beatings. Concepcion has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, one count of misdemeanor domestic battery and one count of felony domestic battery.

According to an investigation by Deputy Thomas Appleby, Concepcion has had an unreported history of beating his latest ex-girlfriend. She stated she has been unsuccessfully trying to avoid Concepcion, but he has been able to find her each time. Earlier Tuesday evening she was walking down a roadway with another of Concepcion’s ex-girlfriends when Concepcion suddenly appeared and threw the latest ex-girlfriend to the ground. She was able to make it inside her residence, but Concepcion reportedly continued to beat her, finally hitting her over the head with a plate, breaking the plate and causing a large gash in the side of her head. When the second ex-girlfriend attempted to lock the doors to the residence to separate the two, Concepcion reportedly shoved her aside in order to continue beating the victim.

The victim was able to escape to a neighbor’s house to call for help. Concepcion reportedly arrived at the neighbor’s house armed with two butcher knives. According to those present, he threatened to stab two of the neighbors who were separating him from the victim. At this time deputies began to arrive. Concepcion threw down the butcher knives and was taken into custody. The victim was transported to Putnam Community Medical Center for treatment from the beatings and the gash on her head.

As Concepcion was being transported to the Putnam County Jail, he continued to make threats toward Deputy Appleby and all of the people involved in his arrest. He is presently being held without benefit of bond.

Woman Arrested for Assaulting Emergency Medical Services Personnel

Nov 25, 2015

Linda Bount Forty four years old Linda Gail Blount, of Palatka, was arrested early this morning (11/25/15 at about 12:45 a.m.) after she reportedly kicked and fought with Emergency Medical Services personnel attending to her following a traffic crash. Blount has been charged with one count of battery on an Emergency Medical Technician.

An investigation by Deputy Caleb French determined that Blount had been involved in a traffic crash at State Road 100 and Bardin Road, and was complaining of injuries. She was transported to Putnam Community Medical Center by EMS, but reportedly became combative during the drive to the Medical Center. Once at Putnam Community Medical Center, Blount punched EMT Richard Newbern in the face, as well as kicked him in the face. Blount was restrained, but then became combative with attending medical personnel.

Once Linda Blount was medically cleared, Deputy French placed her under arrest for battery of an EMT. She was booked into the Putnam County Jail in lieu of $1,504.00 bond.

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