Ten Kilograms of Powder Cocaine Removed from the Street in Joint Narcotics Investigation

Oct 18, 2016

Putnam County, FL: The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office and United States Drug Enforcement Administration completed a joint narcotics trafficking investigation this week. Roberto Orozco-Villalobos has been charged with the trafficking of ten kilograms of cocaine. Orozco-Villalobos was arrested following a lengthy investigation by the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office Drug Unit and the United Stated Drug Enforcement Administration into cocaine trafficking in the Crescent City and Pomona Park areas. During the investigation, it was determined that Orozco-Villalobos was using a residence on Cris Drive in Pomona Park as a distribution point for the drugs, which would then be sold throughout southern Putnam County. When undercover detectives determined that drugs were present at the Cris Drive home, The Sheriff’s SWAT and Rifle Security Teams moved in. Orozco-Villalobos attempted the flee with a garbage bag full of cocaine, but he was quickly apprehended and the drugs were recovered. In addition to the cocaine, PCSO detectives and DEA agents also seized two semi-automatic handguns and the Toyota truck used to transport the cocaine. The cocaine as packaged, had a street value of approximately $375,000.00, but when sold on the street in smaller amounts could be worth over a million dollars.

Sheriff Jeff Hardy said, “This is just another example of the outstanding relationship between the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Sheriff’s Office. Because of this relationship, a significant amount of drugs were removed from the streets of Putnam County and a dangerous drug trafficker is behind bars”.

Roberto Orozco-Villalobos and the cocaine

Boaters Asked for 'No Wake Please' in Flooded Areas

Oct 13, 2016

No Wake PleaseDue to the heavy rains from Hurricane Matthew, the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is asking that boaters and operators of personal watercraft operate their vessels with little or no wake in the areas that are currently at or above flood level. The heavy rains from the hurricane in conjunction with the recent nor’easter winds have caused the water level of the St. Johns River to rise well above flood level and will remain high for the next several days. As a result, boaters are urged to operate their boats slowly near shorelines to prevent erosion and additional damage to shoreline structures that have already received damage from flooding.

The areas that are most severely impacted by this flooding are Dunns Creek, Cedar Creek, Federal Point, Sportsmans Harbor, and Palm Port.

Boaters are urged to be courteous to the citizens residing in these and other low lying areas of the St. Johns River. Many residents are currently battling to keep flood water out of their homes and boaters causing large wakes can cause additional flooding.

Death Related to Hurricane Matthew

Oct 7, 2016

Putnam County, FL: The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a death directly related to Hurricane Matthew. At approximately 3:00 PM, Sheriff’s Deputies and Rescue personnel responded to 2359 Highway 17 South, in the Crescent City area, regarding a tree that had fallen on a camper trailer. Upon arrival, deputies discovered that two adults were attempting to ride out the storm in the trailer when the tree fell due to high winds. The male occupant was able to escape with only minor injuries, but the female was killed. Major Crimes Detectives continue to investigate

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